Deportation Defense

Did you get picked up by immigration? Are you facing deportation charges? Did you receive a Notice to Appear in Immigration Court?

If you are facing deportation, you probably feel worried, scared, overwhelmed and stressed. You want to know if you will see your family again. You want to know if you will be deported.

You will receive a Notice to Appear, charging you with being deportable. You will then have a bond hearing in Immigration Court in front of an Immigration Judge. The Judge may decide to release you from custody, so that you fight your case outside of custody. Your next hearing will be a Master calendar Hearing where the government will allege that you are deportable and why.

Some reasons the government may be trying to deport you include:

  • You entered the United States without permission
  • You entered the United States with a visa, but you did not leave when the visa expired
  • Your application for a green card was denied
  • You have a criminal conviction
  • Depending on the reasons for the government’s case against you and what other things may be in your favor, you may be eligible for relief from removal.

    If you are apply for relief, you will get a chance to prove your case at your Merits Hearing. Some cases may move through this process more quickly than others and fighting a deportation case is not easy. You should not try to do this all alone, as there is lot at stake.

    Each removal/deportation case is different and fact specific. Even if two people came from the same country and both overstayed their visas, their cases will be different and they can have very different outcomes. This is one reason you should be careful to rely only on what other people tell you happened to them. Your case is different, and you will want to have an experienced immigration attorney thoroughly evaluate your circumstances so you know your chances of getting relief.

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